‘Cross-Language Dynamics’ at Swansea

‘Cross-Language Dynamics – Reshaping Community’ is a multi-university research project led by a Manchester-Durham-London OWRI consortium. OWRI is the Open World Research Initiative funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to promote new research involving Languages.

Swansea University’s Department of Languages, Translating and Interpreting is contributing to the ‘Cross-Language Dynamics’ research project with:

  • Field research into cross-language dynamics in Refugee Community Organisations in Swansea – investigating informal work done by interpreters (trained or untrained, paid or unpaid), and how mixed-language groups negotiate and share linguistic resources; we are also collecting stories of people’s experiences of being interpreters or needing interpreters. Contact: Research Assistant Dr Filiz Celik.
  • Volcano Fridays – a 3-month festival of translingual arts, with a host of international and local multilingual writers and performers, in April, May and June 2017. Contact: Prof Tom Cheesman.
  • Various seminars, workshops, conferences and presentations, in Swansea and elsewhere – see the menu above.

The featured images on this site are by Swansea Iranian artist Amir a Nejad, using the PEN International logo